Le Petit Scholarship – $1,000

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Le Petit Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship that will be awarding two students a $1,000 scholarship each.  Le Petit Soldat has a variety of historical art sculptures that people can purchase online while also having a unique collection of items that have been discontinued.  Speaking of historical work, they would like to see how well students know their history and in return reward them with a scholarship.  They would like to give support to students pursuing higher education since education can be costly.  This is a great opportunity to work a little harder in order to stand out and get the rewards.  Students enrolled in a U.S. college/university and pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree may come and apply.  This semi-annual scholarship will award one student each semester with a scholarship in order to give them a little push and assistance to further their higher education worry-free.  Students are to choose one of the topics given and to submit an essay of 400 words or more with their contact information in order to apply.  Le Petit Soldat means the Little Soldier and they would like to see who fits the name, who is the true warrior.  Those student not sure about their knowledge of the history can do a little research to help them prepare with a great piece of work since a little bit of hard work can pay off in the long end.  The spring deadline is December 15th and the fall deadline is May 15th.  Even students taking summer classes can come and apply.  Best of all, students get the funds and can put the money towards anything they wish, even if it means paying rent.

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