Legacy Lending Group Scholarship – $1,500

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Finance and Business majors have been on the rise. More and more students are pursuing these majors in hopes to have an open job opportunity when they get out of college. With so many job opportunities out there, students are rushing to get their degrees in order to land an evolving career. Legacy Lending Group is here to help students get to those dreams by taking some worry away when it comes to paying for college expenses. Legacy Lending Group is a brokerage company that offers mortgage solutions to fit every individual’s needs. They are a company that people can trust since they focus on helping individuals avoid losing their home or business. Due to the recession that everyone went through, many people almost lost their jobs and homes, while some lost it all. Legacy Lending Group has helped many recover from the recession. This time they would like to help students put some extra cash in their pocket. They are giving away a $1,500 Legacy Lending Group Scholarship Award to a college Finance or Business student with the best 500 word essay. Students must be pursuing Finance or Business and need to have a 3.0 GPA or greater in order to apply. Last day to apply for the scholarship is November 30th annually. Legacy Lending Group would like to help students reach their educational and career goals by taking this scholarship opportunity. This is a great decision for those students struggling with their finances or those financing their education themselves. It is a great opening towards success.

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