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Change may not always bring good, except in most instances, transformation is for the better.  Presently, change is great because everything is making improvement and the better the change, the greater the advancement. When it comes to businesses, any little change usually brings improvement in the company and helps focus on helping the company advance as well as keep their customers happy.  Local Search Solutions is the place where smaller businesses come to get their name acknowledged and business discovered by giving them an eye-catching appearance with their digital advertising and marketing solutions.  Today they would also like to lend a helping hand to students by offering them a $500 Local Search Solutions Scholarship for their college education.  For students that wish to apply for the scholarship, they can apply by putting forward an essay of 500 to 750 words.  All sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in college are welcome to apply.  Students must qualify as U.S. citizens or legal residents to apply.  Students have until July 31st to submit their essay.  Student with the best ideas on changing the world through search and how they would like to make it happen will be awarded the scholarship.  It is a great way to save up some money for higher education.  Scholarship Owl wants to be there for students to assist them with completing an education worry-free!  Scholarships are the best way to go by helping students save money and completely focus on their studies.  Find out how easy it can be to apply to many scholarships with just one application.  Visit to learn more.

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