Logomaker Scholarship Program – $2,500

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Another fun and exciting scholarship is the Logomaker Scholarship Program.  This scholarship program is looking for creative students with their own ideas that can put their great work in writing.  In return students will not only be awarded a diminutive scholarship, but in fact, a $2,500 scholarship.  Logomaker is not asking for much, however they are giving away a big reward for a little bit of hard work.  Logomaker is an online company that designs logos for businesses at a decent price.  Their main focus is to make eye-catching logos and this time they are looking for students that know what it means to have a good logo.  Brand designs have gotten many companies well-recognized and Logomaker would like to see  if students can represent themselves with similar talent.  Students must be undergraduate students attending a college/university in the U.S. and may be pursuing any major.  Students studying graphic design, fine arts, or commercial arts have a greater advantage since they are preferred, however all majors are welcome.  Students are asked to submit an essay of 500 to 700 words along with a cover letter that includes a short biography by the deadline.  Students have until July 31st annually to submit their work and one student will be awarded each fall.  Funds will go towards student’s tuition and a check will be mailed to the educational institution.  Winners will get notified by email so students should keep checking their email.  It is time for students to get their name out by submitting their best work in hopes to get a scholarship.

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