How Do YOU Make College Cheaper Scholarship Contest – $500

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Getting a cheaper education is unimaginable nowadays, however there are a few ways that students and their families can help and bring some cost down.  Student loans might be just the last straw, but scholarships and grants can definitely help students advance in their education without worrying about the money that needs to be paid later.  Cheap Scholar is a place where students find valuable resources and tools to help them and their families get prepared for their college education experience.  To help students with continuing their education Cheap Scholar is giving away a scholarship valued at $500 to help ease some financial burden.  The How Do YOU Make College Cheaper Scholarship Contest will give one worthy student a chance at a $500 scholarship.  Students must be preparing themselves to enter college or can be current U.S. college students to apply.  This is an easy scholarship opportunity that should not be missed.  Students are only asked to apply online by submitting a short response on ways that students can make their college cheaper.  There is no word limit so students can express themselves in any length that they wish.  Best of all, Cheap Scholar is letting students submit multiple responses and each response is an entry into the contest.  In addition to that, students get selected randomly and the more entries they enter, the greater chance at winning they will have.  This is an annual scholarship contest and students can apply every year of their college experience for their chance.  A winner will be selected on May 1 of every year.

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