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make money Make Money with Arts and Crafts

How to Earn Money from Arts and Crafts

Want to make money from your artwork? It’s easier than you think! We’ve all heard stories of starving artists who never make it past poverty, but you don’t have to start your career there. Even if you’re a college student who enjoys crafting on the side, you may be able to earn an income from your creations. Here is a simple guide showing how to make money with arts and crafts.

Craft Shows and Trade Shows

Craft shows and trade shows give artists a chance to showcase their work with other artists. People are able to travel from booth to booth to see this work and potentially buy something they like. Some cities are great for craft shows, and others do not yield much profit at all. You can visit a show in your area and ask some of the booth owners if they do well there. If not, you may have to look into a different option on this list.

Note that having a booth at one of these shows will cost money. You will need to factor that into your pricing or subtract it from your final revenue.

Online Auctions and Websites

You can sell your arts and crafts projects online if you do not want to work from home. Note that there are fees involved with most craft sites and auction sites, and you will have to pay for shipping your items. The more delicate they are, the more they will cost to ship. You could use a basic site like eBay to hold auctions for your items, or you could set a “buy it now” price for them there. You could also use a site like Etsy, which is specifically designed for arts and crafts. Check out some of the products that are already on there and you will see what people are earning money from.

Consignment Stores and Thrift Shops

Consignment shops will allow you to sell items so that the owner of the store gets a certain percentage of the sales price. If you sell a $10 item on a 30% consignment, you make $7 and the shop owner makes $3. This covers his cost for housing the items and marketing his store, and it still gives you a chance to sell the things you make. Some thrift shops, interior design studios, pawn shops, and more will buy your items outright to sell in their stores. If you make jewelry, you may contact a local jeweler to see if he is interested in your products. The more you think outside the box, the better your opportunities will be.

Your Own Store

If you find out that your arts and crafts are rather successful, you may consider opening a shop for them. Running this will cost a lot of money, especially if you have to hire employees. If you work out the logistics though, this could be a fantastic way to support your family. Consider all of the ways you can make money with arts and crafts, and give one of them a try today.

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