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cafepress How to Make Money with CafePress

Using CafePress to Pay for College

CafePress is an online store that sells thousands of t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and other merchandise with custom designs from creative minds. If you have one of those creative minds or you simply want to explore new ways to make money online, this could be a great opportunity for you. There are several ways to make money through CafePress, whether you have a store on the site or not. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage. Here are some of the many ways you can potentially make money through CafePress.

Start a Store

Most people make money on CafePress by starting their own store. If you do this, you will basically have a section of the site to post products that you have designed. These products could include cool graphics, pictures, quotes, or whatever else you want. You just have to make sure the images you use are yours to sell because you could get in a lot of trouble otherwise. For every product you sell in your store, you will get a certain percent of the sales price. You don’t have to pay any money to do this. You just have to put up the products and promote them.

Create Designs for Other People

If you have a natural artistic talent, you could use it to make money on the side. Promote yourself to local businesses and see if you can create a new logo or line of merchandise for them. You can charge a flat fee for the design, or you could ask for a certain percentage of the sales they generate. The flat fee will provide you with guaranteed money, but the sales portion may yield more profits in the long run.

Note that you may be able to apply this idea beyond CafePress. Talk to a local screenprinting shop and see if they are in need of an artist. You could design products for their clients and get paid to do something you love. This is a more direct way of working that may provide better returns overall.

Become an Affiliate

If you do not want to make a store on CafePress, you can still earn money by promoting other stores. You could add a CafePress widget to a blog you run, or you could insert banners for the site on your personal website. Affiliates make a portion of the money earned from each sale as a result of their link. In other words, you will make money if someone clicks on your link and then buys something on CafePress. The more traffic you bring the site, the more money you have the potential to make.

You can become an affiliate for your own store if you want to, and that will allow you to make even more money from each sale. Explore some of the different options you have on the site, and you will soon see why so many people love selling their products on CafePress.

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