5 Ways to Make Money Online to Pay for College

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Best Online Jobs for College Students

Most college students have a hard time working in “regular” jobs because their schedules don’t coincide with the traditional 9-5 setup. Those students that do have free time throughout the day don’t have enough of it to work 40+ hours a week. Nevertheless, every freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior needs a way to pay for his or her daily expenses. What’s the solution? The internet. There are tons of jobs online for college students, and those jobs offer the flexibility and high pay rates these people need to cover their monthly expenses. Here are five ways to make money online to pay for your costs in college.

Freelance Writing

Just about every word you will ever read on the internet is written by a freelance writer. Some freelance writers get paid by the hour, and others get paid by the project. In general though, you can expect to make at least $15-$20 an hour doing this, with a potential to earn much more if you’re good at your job. As long as you can write an article based on a keyword someone gives you, you can make a living as a freelance writer.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are incredibly simple, which is why they are perfect for stressed out college students with little brain power. In this case, all you have to do is copy information from one place to another, be it a web page, an Excel sheet, or something else along those lines. A lot of employers outsource this kind of work overseas, so you might have to compete with people who only charge $1 an hour. Nevertheless, you should eventually find someone who is willing to pay minimum wage or more to work with someone in the states.


If you’re really knowledgeable about a certain subject, you might be able to make money as a tutor online. You could either sign up to work under a tutoring organization, or you could start working on your own. All you’d have to do is pick up clients and schedule video chats for your tutoring sessions. Most people make about $20 an hour doing this, depending on the subject they are teaching.

Virtual Assistance

If you are used to doing secretarial work, you might be able to take your talents to the World Wide Web. Some clients will pay you to answer emails, make phone calls, organize virtual documents, or do something else along those lines. If you have keen organization skills and a general ability to multi-task, this could be a great opportunity for you. You probably won’t make much more than minimum wage, but that is just because it is easy for employers to find cheap labor. You have to compete with very low pay rates to land a job.

Paid Surveys

Surprisingly enough, you can actually get paid to take surveys online. These may be about a product you have tried or a restaurant you have visited, depending on the surveying party. This work doesn’t pay much at all, but it might be a fun way to earn a little extra pocket change.

Test out some of the jobs listed above, and you should find something to help you pay your way through school.

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