Make Money While You Study

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How to Make money while you study

Like pretty much everyone, you too will probably need to make money while you study. Only a select few are lucky enough to have parents who can provide them with everything they need while they’re in college. And if those parents are smart they will also demand from their children to make money during their studies in order to prepare them for the real world.

The most obvious option is to get a part-time job, which a lot of students do.

To make money while you study does not mean taking be the obvious job like being a waiter/waitress or working at a fast food place. We all know these jobs don’t pay a lot and you have to invest a lot of your time that you could better concentrating on your studies.

Great part-time jobs for students:

Think about if the following options  how to make money while you study are interesting for you:

  • This can either be to fellow students who are taking courses you have successfully finished or high school students preparing for their finals.
  • Get paid to take notes. Students with learning disabilities are often assigned an anonymous note-taker for their classes. You need to be able to take careful notes, type them up and email them or drop them off them off at the disabilities services. They make sure the notes end up with the right students.
  • If you excel at writing and editing, you can offer your services as a proof reader to your fellow students.
  • Apply for grants and scholarships! This may sound very obvious, but a lot of students forget that there are scholarships you can apply for throughout the whole year, even on a monthly basis.

During the summer:

Summer is a great time to make some extra money and it can be a lot of fun as well. No need be locked up in a stuffy store somewhere or doing customer service at and office (Unless that’s your thing of course and it is helping your resume. Then it’s totally cool). Have you ever considered going to work abroad on a resort? Or being a guide a fun  summer camp? Some camps could even be linked to your studies. Both these options will look good on your resume and you will learn a lot of new skills.

And of course you should use your summer as well to apply for scholarships for the next academic year.

 Stay away from jobs like:

Jobs that look like you can make money real easy, while all they do is waste most of your study time while getting you trapped online. Some examples are ‘get paid to read emails’, ‘get paid to search the web’ or ‘get paid to take online services’. The enormous amount of spam you have to work through to make just a few measly bucks is simply not worth it. And a lot of these sites don’t even pay out until you reach a certain amount of money which will most likely never happen.


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