Mission Vacation Scholarship – $500

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Mission Vacation believes in the importance of getting a college education and in helping students pursue their dreams further.  As a premium vacation rental, Mission Vacation has been all about vacation time and relaxing while having fun.  They believe that it is student’s turn to have some relaxing time since school can be overwhelming and expensive.  With that in mind, they are proud to offer a $500 scholarship to students that are pursuing a college education.  All students that will be attending a 4-year college/university full-time in the U.S. are welcome to apply.  In order to apply for the Mission Vacation Scholarship, students are asked to submit an essay on the topic of up to 500 words and a short explanation of up to 200 words.  Students have from May 1st to March 31st the following year to apply which gives students plenty of time to put together some great written work.  Being that the annual deadline is on March 31st, one student will get chosen as a winner on April 30th each year.  Any work that is submitted afterwards will be considered for the following scholarship competition.  Mission Vacation believes that every year people need some time off and each year one student will get their chance at some.  This is a great opportunity being offered to the youth of America in order to help them find success since education is extremely important today.  One outstanding student will get their opportunity to relax and to enjoy their study time knowing that they saved some money towards their college tuition.

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