Nadrich & Cohen Civil Justice Scholarship – $1,000

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Quality individuals and proper regulations make our civil justice system.    Our nation is based on freedom and with freedom comes passion for things we love.  Pursuing things we love will lead to commitment and excellence.  Lawyers are here for us to make everything run smoother and in favor of those siding with the law.  The following scholarship is an opportunity for our future lawmen .  Nadrich & Cohen is a personal injury law firm that is giving away a $1,000 scholarship to students that are pursuing a law degree in a U.S. Law School.  The ideal candidate is to have great commitment to the U.S. civil justice system and love for the rights of individuals.  Hard work and loyalty come hand in hand and lawyers serve the purpose of protecting the rights of our citizens.  Pursuing a law degree has many advantages and it brings a new perspective with each case.  That is why the Nadrich & Cohen Civil Justice Scholarship is a perfect opportunity for future lawyers by helping them cut down the burden of financially paying for their law school tuition.  The right candidate will provide a quality essay of 500-1000 words by showing passion and interest in the rights of our citizens.   Submissions are being accepted from April to August and it leaves a window of opportunity for students to develop a plan for a great chance towards their schooling.  Learning will ultimately turn into earning and a little bit of effort will pay off in the end.  This is an opportunity not to be missed for it may bring many new prospects for all.

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