National Home Improvement Scholarship – $1,000

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As an essay-based scholarship, the National Home Improvement Scholarship is looking for students that can put together a great essay that stands out from the crowd, and in return, will award them with a $1,000 scholarship.  The National Home Improvement, Inc. has been assisting individuals and businesses with home improvements and this time they would like to help students advance in their educational and future career plans.  High school students that are about to graduate high school and students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in the U.S. are welcome to apply.  Applicants are given a chance to prove themselves in their essay as in why they are a good candidate for the scholarship and how they will use their education to help others in the future.  Students are brought to a challenge to put together an essay of 1,000 words that equally awards students with a $1,000 check.  Students have until May 1st to apply and to put together an essay that has a great selling point in order to get the judges attention.  Having an essay that is worth remembering makes the judges want to put it on the top of the whole pile of applications right away.  There will be more well-written essays, but it is the unique work that gets remembered.  The top essays will have the advantage if the student showed their persistence through their work.  National Home Improvement may be all about home improvement, but this time students are given a chance to improve their education.

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