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Today we have two more great scholarships for college. One geared toward college students only and one for students in high school and college. Check back everyday for great opportunities to help finance your college tuition. Best of Luck!

The JAM Scholarship

We all had a favorite teacher that has made an influence on us and helped us learn better.   Those teachers were committed to helping us get more knowledgeable and study more in order to give us more opportunities in the future.  Teachers are idols nowadays and they serve a main purpose of what the future could bring to students.  We would like to help those students who wish to become teachers and who want to help students expand their knowledge.  JAM is a family owned business that is a supplier of paper products and they see many teachers buy supplies for school out of their own pocket.  They would like to help by offering a $500 scholarship to students that are looking to become a teacher.   This scholarship is for students who are current college/university students.  Are you ready to make an impact on others?  We are!  So let’s get started!

 HCP National Scholarship

Are you extremely passionate about your field of study and wish that you could find ways to help you ease the burden of paying for college?  Many students are unable to reach their educational dreams due to financial problems and it is holding them back from completing their future dreams.  We would like to help those committed to their studies and who wish to become pros in their field.  HCP National offers insurance services and is now offering an annual $1,500 scholarship to students towards their post-secondary education.  Seniors in high school and all students enrolled in a post-secondary institution may apply for the scholarship.  All you need to do is submit an essay of 500 to 750 words in order to qualify.  The winner with the best essay will get selected.  It is time to get started and do something for yourself in order to make your dreams come true!


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