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Niche.com $500 High School Sophomore Scholarship

by daniel

Most of the scholarships offered to students nowadays are for college students with exception of some being offered to seniors in high school as well.  That leaves out high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with not having many scholarship opportunities to apply to.  Niche.com is giving all students a chance to get introduced to all different opportunities out there for them.  Niche.com is an online search engine that provides information on good neighborhoods to live in and good schools to go to.  They do not only offer colleges and universities but also K-12 schools.  The Niche.com $500 High School Sophomore Scholarship is for sophomores in high school that would like help when paying for their future college tuition.    Students are only required to register in order to apply.  Winners are selected randomly, therefore there is no reason for students to prove themselves with their grades or writing skills.  Applicants must be U.S. legal residents or international students with a valid visa to apply.  This scholarship is offered annually with the deadline on June 1st and students have a whole year to apply.  The quickest way for students to apply for this scholarship as well as many other scholarships that they qualify for is through ScholarshipOwl.com.  Students are able to apply to all scholarships at once that they meet the criteria for.  One click on the “Apply” button could bring students more than they expected.  This is a perfect chance for sophomores in high school to find all the opportunities that are out there for them.  Students should visit ScholarshipOwl.com to apply or find out more.

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