Noet Humanities Scholarship Sweepstakes – $500

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Many think that there is nothing easier than the no essay scholarships, however not many know that there are those applications that barely ask for anything from the student.   One of the simplest scholarships to apply to is the Noet Humanities Scholarship Sweepstakes.  Noet has a library of all historical classic work that even connects people to some of its original work.  It offers tools and text to help individuals build their own library and to be able to read it from any device.  Noet Humanities Scholarship Sweepstakes is available to non-U.S. residents as well as legal residents of the United States and D.C. who are over the age of 18.  Students must be undergraduates or graduates that are attending a college/university and pursuing studies in humanities.  Applicants are only asked to submit their name and email to apply.  One student will get their chance at a $500 scholarship award.  This scholarship is being offered a couple of times a year with deadlines usually in April and December.  There is no reason for students to prove themselves with their grades or to submit multiple necessary documentation.  With an application that takes less than a minute, students get more than the effort they put in to apply for the scholarship.  One of the best places to apply for this scholarship opportunity along with other scholarship opportunities for a chance at more money for college is through Scholarship Owl.  At Scholarship Owl, students are able to apply to many scholarships with one simple application.  It gives students many other open doors to more money for their college education.

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