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Nuvation Engineering Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

Are you interested in engineering or science perhaps?  Have you thought of your own invention that you would like to show the world? If yes, we have scholarship that can help get you started.  This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students that are pursuing studies in science or engineering in the United States or Canada.  Nuvation Engineering provides electric design services to their clients and works to be on top of the engineering world.  They are offering the $1,000 annual Nuvation Engineering Scholarship to a deserving student, to be used for college education.  Nuvation is looking for students that are creative and innovative and have a passion to improve the future for generations to come.  This is your chance to show your creativity and enthusiasm.  Write an essay on your creative ideas or inventions. Be expressive and confident and get your idea across, whatever it may be. This scholarship can be a great help towards studying and pursuing your goals.


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