Nuvation Engineering Scholarship Contest – $1,000

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Students interested in engineering and science get an opportunity of a lifetime!  This prospect gives those students a chance to share their thoughts and ideas and possibly create their own invention one day.  People with true passion and love for science and engineering can succeed in life and possibly become the next extraordinary innovator. Students that have their own invention and wish to show it to the world should take advantage of this potential.  This is a life changing experience for future dreamers and achievers.  Nuvation Engineering is here to help by bringing high-quality solutions to businesses by bringing them all their projects need.  Nuvation focuses on electronic product development by bringing all the software and hardware that is necessary for business to function.  Their success is also due to solid relationship with technology partnership.  Nuvation Engineering provides electric design services to their clients and works to be on top of the engineering world.  They are offering the $1,000 annual Nuvation Engineering Scholarship Contest to a deserving student towards their college education.  Nuvation love students that are creative and innovative.  Their passion can change the future of the younger generation.  This gives students a chance to show off their creativity and enthusiasm.  This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students that are in the United States and Canada and who are pursuing studies in science or engineering.  Students are required to write an essay of 500 to 1,000 words on their creative ideas or inventions. They are looking for something new to shine and bring new possibilities to the world.  Maybe students can even become a member of Nuvation one day.  The deadline is May 31st annually and students get plenty of time to apply.  

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