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Online Games Scholarship – $2,500

by daniel

Outdoor games, online games, board games.  All these games sound fun and challenging and can bring us entertainment any day.  Today we are able to play games anytime and everywhere on our hand held devices.  Who knows what the future has for us and what it may bring.  Big Fish Games is one of the largest producers of online games that can be played on any device.   People are able to download games on devices such as Mac, PC, IPad, or mobile phone.  People can download different games and play anytime and anyplace.  Big Fish would like to help one student with the Online Games Scholarship towards their higher education.  Big Fish announced its first annual scholarship in 2013 and would like to help many students prosper.  Graduating high school seniors and college students are welcome to apply.  Applicants are required to submit their essay for their chance at $2,500 towards their college education.  All that is required is minimum 500 words in their essay.  Can we say easy?  Yes, for $2,500!  Imagine how much that would mean to the student or their parents who are supporting their education.  The deadline is approaching soon and this adventure should not be missed considering the fact that so little work can give students so much.  Students can go to college and have fun at the same time.  Most importantly they save money and learn something new.  It is time to step up their game!  The Online Games Scholarship is an annual scholarship with the deadline on May 31st every year until 5 p.m.
You can apply to this scholarship and hundreds more using only one registration form at scholarshipowl.com

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