Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship – $1,000

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The hassle of moving around to a new college can be tough. The packing and unpacking can be a burden for students in college.  However, starting college is a new period in life that brings joy, knowledge, and even new friends.  For those that are moving, Wizard of Oz Moving & Storage can be there to help.  Wizard of Oz Moving & Storage is an informative moving company that is reliable and reputable.  They help businesses and individuals find the right moving company by looking at the prices and services before choosing a moving company.  Another way that they can help students is by giving away the $1,000 Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship to one deserving student with the best written essay.  Students that are a graduating high school senior or a student attending college as an undergraduate can get a chance to a new beginning.  Applicants are required to send their essay of minimum of 500 words in order to qualify.  Students with the best implementation of ideas in their essay can enjoy this money-saving opportunity.  No need to go through new challenges, instead, students can make things easier for themselves and save some money for college.  College expenses can be bothersome, however it is time for students to take things over and make it fun.  The deadline is usually in April every year so it gives students enough time to focus on developing a worthy essay.  Time to get moving!  A little bit of hard work does pay off in the end.


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