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Ever consider being the one that could change the law one day?  It only takes one person to change the law.  It is time to get to business.  The Parker Waichman Scholarship is giving students a chance to do just that.  Parker Waichman LLP Law Firm is a national law firm that focuses on protecting the rights of victims.  Jerrold S. Parker and Herbert L. Waichman are recognized as the best attorneys in America.  They have solved numerous nationally-known cases and have become experts at it.  As one of the largest law firms in America, Parker Waichman, LLP is proposing its $1,000 Parker Waichman Scholarship to college students with the best essay on how they would change the current law.  Students enrolling in college or are already enrolled in college should take this opportunity towards $1,000 for their college education.  Students do not need to be pursuing a field in law or criminal justice.  Applicants can be in any field of study and still get the chance.  Students are required to submit an essay of 300 to 500 words on a current law that they would improve.  The law could be local, state or federal.  Students should include a link to it to back up their essay.  Students should summarize it and explain how it would improve the rights of individuals and society.  It is pretty easy for such a large sum.  It is possible to find imperfections in everything today.  Come and apply for the Parker Waichman Scholarship and be the one to change the law!  The deadline is on July 31st and there is no reason to wait.

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