Paving the Future Scholarship – $2,500

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The Paving the Future Scholarship is about giving students an advantage when it comes to getting a degree and pursuing a career.  Discount Park and Ride believes in the importance of a post-secondary education and knows how imperative it is to save money on something beneficial.  They have been focusing on helping travelers save money and this time their focus is to help students save money while pursuing a college education.  They are offering a $2,500 Paving the Future Scholarship contest to current college students with great business plan ideas.  Students are given a chance to turn their business ideas and to make it into the perfect business plan.  College students are invited to apply by simply submitting their business plan and contact information.  Applicants are to put together a 700 word minimum business plan and submit it by the June 15th deadline.  Students with the most powerful business plan are then selected to create a video of their idea.  The student with the top idea and the most creative work will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship towards their schooling.  This scholarship opportunity empowers students while also awarding them for their hard work and creativity.  This great opportunity will surely help one student save money on their education.  Being that most of the scholarships average about $1,000, this $2,500 opportunity is definitely a big delivery.  Discount Park and Ride  takes pride in helping their customers save money.  Students are now given a chance to be proud of themselves for earning such a big award.

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