Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship – $500

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Learning about basic things in life is mandatory for survival today.  Children depend on their parents to gain the knowledge in order to survive and become independent themselves.  Education brings children further preparation and gets them ready for friends, a career, and independent adult  life.  It is important that children get introduced to the ways of getting around alone and to seek success.  In doing so, these individuals can help themselves by continuously seeking further opportunities.  Smile Reef is a Las Vegas pediatric dental office that is now offering an annual $500 Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship to students who are pursuing a field in dentistry.  The dental office focuses on helping, treating, and teaching youngsters about their dental health and this time they would like to help older children by giving them a chance at a $500 scholarship.  Students that are currently pursuing a dental field and attending a college/university, a specialization, or dental school may come and apply.  Applicants are required to submit an essay of 300 to 1,000 words on the chosen topic.  The scholarship opens March 15th of the current year and has a deadline of March 15th next year.  Students have a whole year to put together a great piece of work for their chance at a $500 scholarship.  This is a great scholarship opportunity that will help one student a year at getting a college education without having to worry about the finances.

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