Peter Pasula Mortgage Solutions Study Habits Scholarship – $500

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Bad habits in children can have a big impact later on in life and it may affect their schoolwork, family, and even their career.  Developing good habits early on in life can provide many benefits in the future.  This time students get a chance to share what they believe to be good habits and they may perhaps get awarded for it.  Students are being offered an essay-based $500 Peter Pasula Mortgage Solutions Study Habits Scholarship opportunity to better their future and to share their ideas on good study habits.  Dominion Lending Centres are focused on making things better for others and they would like to start by giving students that opportunity.  Dominion Lending Centres offers all types of mortgage services to their customers.  This national mortgage brokerage company focuses on meeting all needs such as renewing existing mortgage, purchasing a new home, and even helping those individuals with credit problems.  In order to apply for their scholarship, students are asked to write the most intriguing essay on study habits for their chance at a $500 scholarship.  Students are to submit an essay of up to 1,000 words to apply.  High school seniors and all students that are currently attending a post-secondary institution may apply.  Students must be a U.S. or Canadian residents to apply.  Best of all, it is an annual scholarship and students have until April 1st of every year to submit their essay.  What that means is that, even if students do not get their chance at the scholarship this year, they can apply again next year for their chance at a better future and they might even change someone else’s life with their essay.

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