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Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship – $1,500

by daniel

New scholarships not only award students with money, but in fact, students get a greater chance at winning since there may not be as many applicants due to the fact that it is new and students may not take notice of it.  PhlebotomySchoolCareer.com would like to introduce their first annual scholarship by offering a little bit of support to students working hard to get a better education and an outstanding future career.  Phlebotomy Schools & Careers looks to find schools for those seeking training in phlebotomy and now they are hoping that with a scholarship students will be able to pursue their dreams further.  This annual $1,500 Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship is open to all students that are in a college or a university pursuing a degree.  Furthermore, students may be pursuing any field of study to apply.  Whether students are pursuing a medical field or a legal field, all students get a chance to improve their education.  Students are only required to present an essay of 700 to 1,000 words on the topic given and they have until May 1st annually to submit their work.  The best place to apply for the Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship and others similar scholarships is on ScholarshipOwl.com.  ScholarshipOwl is known for its unique collection of scholarships and especially for its easy application process.  Students will not be required to fill each and every application, but as a matter of a fact, students are only asked to fill one application and can automatically apply to all.

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