Pimsleur Approach’s Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,000

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We found this next great scholarship opportunity via ScholarshipOwl. The site allows you to search for and apply to hundreds of scholarships all with just one registration form. It’s that simple. Check out some more about the Pimsleur Approach’s Study Abroad Scholarship below:

America has always been known as the country of many diverse opportunities, but even more, it has been known for many different cultures, religions, and languages.  Seeing other cultures and learning about other cultures can open our eyes immensely.  We would get to see things that we have never seen before and even learn something new.  Culture shock is typical and it is always good to get prepared when traveling and facing new traditions.  Pimsleur’s Approach wants to help people experience other cultures by learning a new language.  Their team offers one of the fastest language learning products that help individuals learn languages easily.  They want to make sure that each language is learned quickly and easily in order to get individuals ready for a career, travel, and whatever other needs they need.  This time they would like to help students who wish to study abroad to get a scholarship towards furthering their education.  They have just announced the Pimsleur Approach’s Study Abroad Scholarship for students that are seniors in high school or currently enrolled in college.  Applicants need to submit their response essay of 500 to 1,000 words by the September 30thdeadline.  The first-place winner will get $1,000, second-place winner will get $500, and third-place winner gets along with the other two winners a choice of Pimsleur Approach system.

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