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Just like you have the academic scholarships, similarly you also have the sports scholarships which are exclusively meant for the students who are good at sports. No matter what sport you specialize in but you can receive the scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the university to which you wish to apply.  There are quite a few people including the students and the parents who are not familiar with the information related to sports scholarships. If you are a good sports player and are interested in grasping detailed information about such types of scholarships, here is a quick guide for you.

Let us explore some of the important aspects that are associated with the sports scholarships.

Limited number of sports scholarships

Though one may come across several sports scholarships but still the number is quite low. It is because of the simple reason that every year millions of students apply for such scholarships but only a thousand of them are able to receive it.  This means that there is a huge competition for the sports scholarships as well and therefore the players have to be smart enough to specialize in any of the sports and enhance their skills to such an extent that their talent is noticed by the coaches as well as the selectors.

Dividing the scholarship to attract more sports person

The NCAA is responsible for deciding the number of scholarships for each sport. But the coaches cut down the amount into smaller chunks so that they are able to provide money to a number of students and admit them in their university. Such a practice offers no gain to the individuals as the aim was to attract more players.

Scholarships are not enough

The amount of money provided as a part of the scholarship is not enough and sometimes the players have to put in their money to complete their education. Full scholarships are limited to only three sports namely basketball, football and volleyball. So if you specialize in any of these sports then the scholarship can prove useful to you in a number of ways. Thus while looking for the sports scholarships, make sure that you find out the amount that will be offered to you.

Division 3 colleges offer better merit awards

If you want to utilize the benefits of the scholarships then the best option is to look for private colleges that offer merit awards. These awards are given on the basis of their performance as well as the academic record therefore it will be quite easy to avail the same. Even the amount of money is quite high and it can easily accomplish the needs of the students.

No guarantee

Most of the sports scholarships are only for one year and can only be extended if the coach is impressed with your performance. So there is no surety that the scholarship received by you can be renewed next year or not.

Contact the coaches yourself

Rather than waiting for the coach to notice you, it is better to approach them through emails and get in touch with them. This will increase your chances of getting the sports scholarship and also being a part of their sports club.

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