Plumbing Masters National Scholarship – $500

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The Plumbing Masters National Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship contest that is not necessarily being offered only to students pursuing a degree in plumbing or similar fields but this scholarship offers much more to many students.  Scholarships may have specific names and might sounds as if those scholarships are only for certain majors, however it does not inevitably mean that other students do not get their chance.  Just because a dental office is offering a scholarship does not necessarily mean that students must be pursuing a degree in dentistry.  A case in point of this example is the scholarship that is being offered by the Plumbing Masters.  They have been offering plumbing services in Phoenix, Arizona and now they would like to offer college students pursuing any fields of study a $500 scholarship.  The Plumbing Masters National Scholarship is open to all students currently enrolled in a college and who have a GPA of 3.0 or greater.  An applicant with the best essay will get their chance at a $500 scholarship towards their education.  Students are required to submit an essay of 400 to 600 words and a short personal biography of up to 150 words to apply.  What is even more rewarding is that this scholarship is open all year long with the deadline on March 15th annually.  Students should put all their effort at this scholarship opportunity in hopes to get their chance at some college money.  Whether students are pursuing dentistry, plumbing, or even law, all students are welcome to apply.

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