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Living a green lifestyle has many advantages . The health of our planet is important for maintaining your overall health as well. Students who are serious about the issue have a great scholarship opportunity from PlushBeds to help with school. PlushBed is committed to increasing awareness of a more earth friendly lifestyle. More and more students are pursuing an eco-degree focusing on improving the planet and providing further knowledge on the importance of our overall health.  The future is in the eco-lifestyle and through education. There are awards like this one available to help you share the ideas on a better, healthier, and greener lifestyle.

PlushBeds manufactures luxury natural mattresses and are now giving away a $1,000 scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students who are involved in a green degree program.  The moment has come to where we focus on living sustainably and in protecting our natural surroundings.   Students are welcome to share their ideas on unique advantages on living greener and focusing on making our planet a more eco-friendly place.  Applicants are welcome to share their ideas in a minimum 1,000 word essay for their chance at $1,000.  This is an opportunity not to be missed since the future of all depends on it.  The time has come for students to make some positive transformation for others, in addition to themselves.

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