Privacy Policy for Scholarship Applications

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Privacy of the applicant is extremely essential. All the sponsors are responsible for the privacy of the information of all the applicants. Along with the form, the sponsors provide all the rules and regulations about the information of the applicants. This notice of rules and regulation is provided on the home page of the sponsor’s website.

Dart Cookie and Google Adsense

Cookies are used by the Google to provide different ads on different kinds of sites. Visitors can visit different ads on websites by the use of DART cookies. All the information of the applicant is saved in the cookies and can be reused again. It is up to the applicant either he wants to share his information or not. If the applicant allows the website owner to share his information then the owner can use or sale the information. All these rules are made social, legal and ethical.

Information of the applicant

When a visitor or an applicant visits and grant or scholarship based website, there are different things that are noticed like the IP address of the machine, time and date of log in. All this information is gathered by the administration of a website. This information helps the administrator to view different trends among the applicants and other visitors. Moreover the applicants can also sell this information to other websites, if they have taken permission from the applicant providing information.

Links of other websites

Some of the scholarship websites provide links to other related websites on different pages. The privacy policies of these websites may be different from the scholarship websites. Therefore, the applicant should be very careful while providing the information on either site.

Changing in the privacy policy

The privacy policy of any website can be changed any time. You should always read the rules of the website before sending the application even if you have already sent the application a couple of months before.

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