The Quarterly Business Plan Contest – $1,000

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There are many young entrepreneurs with remarkable ideas for their future business plans.  These young entrepreneurs could come up with the next blooming business plan and be as popular as Starbucks coffee or maybe even create new and better electrical cars.  This is the right place for these young entrepreneurs where they get a chance to perfect their business plan and grow.  Entrepreneurs get a chance at $1,000 for having the best business plan executive summary.  This Business Plan Contest inspires young entrepreneurs to build their ideas into a perfect business plan.  Company Corporation focuses on helping smaller businesses reach greater opportunities in order to succeed.  They help business protect their personal assets and have led many small business to incorporate or form their LLC.  The Company Corporation is a true partner that helps businesses grow and succeed.  The Quarterly Business Plan Contest is for young entrepreneurs that are U.S. citizens and at least 18 years of age.  All students need to do is submit their one page unique business plan executive summary and they are in! You can sign up for the scholarships along with hundreds more at scholarshipowl. This is a challenge not to be missed for it may bring many more opportunities in the future, for them, as well as for their business.  Their business plan executive summary just might be what America is looking for.  It is time for young entrepreneurs to show what they are made of and what makes them stand out from the rest!  This scholarship is an ongoing scholarship that selects a winner every quarter and gives students a greater chance at winning.

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