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Table of Contents Student Scholarship was created to help students pursue their educational dreams.  It is a $1,500 scholarship that can make one student’s dreams come true.  Simply picture having an extra $1,500 in the pocket and how much of a difference it can make.  Just imagine how much simpler things could be while pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree.  QuikShip Toner supplies their customers with printing supplies such as toner products, ink products and other office supplies to satisfy their needs.  They offer the best quality products for the cheapest price possible.  The Student Scholarship is giving undergraduate and graduate students a chance at saving some money for their college education.  Students must submit an essay of minimum 1,000 words in order to apply.  This scholarship is being offered in spring and fall, so students have a greater chance at applying and getting the scholarship.  The spring deadline is in December 15th and fall deadline is in June 15th.  Who would not want some extra money for school?  Imagine your tuition being $1,500 less than it is.  So it is time to get started now and put all effort in the essay because the student with the best essay gets a chance at the scholarship money.  Scholarships were created to help students pursue their dreams and with the economy that we are in today, it is hard for students to go all the way and get a college degree.  This is the moment for a lucrative opportunity and it is time to get started.

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