Rentacomputer Cares Scholarship – $2,000

Table of Contents is giving away a $500 Rentacomputer Cares Scholarship to an academically deserving student for the total of four years totaling at a $2,000 scholarship. is known as the best technology travel agent that focuses on providing their clients with technology needs.  Whether they need office equipment or lighting equipment, their agents are there to help by delivering on time and installing equipment on the spot.  The company grew rapidly and expanded their services worldwide by offering equipment from leading major manufacturers such as IBM and Dell, as well as many other manufacturers.  The Rentacomputer Cares Scholarship is for students that demonstrate strong motivation and commitment towards their future goals.  As long as the student stays a good student and keep their GPA at 2.5 or above, the scholarship will cover them for a total of four years.  If the student is highly motivated and knows their future goals then there is no reason to miss this opportunity.  Students should show their inspirations in their 500-word essay and demonstrate that they are an exceptional student through their writing.  Imagine being a super talented kid but not being able to go to school.  Scholarships are essential and can have a big impact in student’s lives by making their dreams come true.  Students that are a U.S. citizen and are attending or plan to attend college within the next 12 months should take their chance at a life changing experience.   It is time to get started!  Even better, the deadline is on May 31st every year.

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