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The Scholarship Prize is giving students a scholarship opportunity to help save some money for their college education.  They understand the difficulty of having to pay for college and they are hoping that with some scholarship money students will be able to realize their dreams.  Five students will be awarded a year with the highest scholarship prize being $1,500.  Four other winners will get a $500 scholarship each.  RespShop has always focused on helping individuals with sleep problems by offering a variety of CPAP products.  Knowing how hard it was to get to where they are today they decided to help students achieve their goals by giving them a little bit of assistance.  Students wishing to apply for this great opportunity are invited to apply by submitting an essay of 500 to 750 words on sleep apnea.  The annual deadline is January 31st and students are given plenty amount of time to focus on creating the best essay.  RespShop is giving undergraduate, graduate, and even high school seniors an opportunity at earning some money towards a college degree.  They are hoping that this scholarship opportunity will help students work harder and pursue their dreams further.  Although many students struggle with financing their college tuition, scholarships are a way to make them have self-assurance and to feel more confident when it comes to getting a degree.  ScholarshipOwl can help students get scholarships for their education by helping students apply for scholarships while doing all the hard work for them.  ScholarshipOwl constructed an application process where students can apply to all eligible scholarships by filling out one simple application.  With so many new scholarships coming out daily, students can find new scholarship opportunities in hopes to getting a lot of scholarship money.

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