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Table of Contents College Scholarship is an essay-based scholarship where the winning student will get a $750 scholarship towards their college education. gives discount dental plans by giving quality deals that customers and dentists get to enjoy.  Customers get discounted satisfaction by getting 15% to 60% savings while dentist acquire more patients and get more attention through marketing.  Even those without dental insurance can get to enjoy the benefits by becoming a member of the group.  In order to apply, students are asked to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words with their contact information by the June 1st deadline.  Students need to be U.S. permanent legal residents or U.S. citizens to apply.  Students that are high school seniors that will be attending college in the fall and full-time undergraduate or graduate students may come and apply.  Students must have a 2.5 GPA or greater to be eligible.  Best of all, students do not need to be pursuing a dentistry major and can be going after any field of study.  Customers get to save money on their dental work just as much as students can save money for their education.  This is a great combination for all since getting dental work done and achieving a college education are some of the most expensive necessities today.  Having experience in anything can be a tremendous advantage especially when it comes to looking for a career.  Education can give such experience and even with previous work experience individuals are sure to advance to the next level.  It is what gets one ready for the future just by simply being prepared.

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