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Savvy Saver Scholarship – $2,500

by daniel

When it comes to education, students look to save up enough money for their college education.  Even though, a college education can be pricey there are many ways to save money for it.  Offers.com looks to help consumers that love to shop online with coupons and offers for thousands of different items and brands.  Not only do they help consumers save money, but they also focus on helping students save money for their education.  They are offering students an essay-based Savvy Saver Scholarship worth $2,500.  That will definitely help students save a lot of money and have less worries about how they will pay for their college education.  Students that wish to apply for this scholarship are only asked to submit an essay of 400 to 750 words to apply.  Offers.com would like to see how students find their ways to save money.  Applicants that are permanent residents or citizens of the U.S. and at least 18 years of age are invited to apply.  Students must be attending a college or a university to get their chance at the scholarship.  The deadline is on December 15th.  The best essay will award one student with a check worth $2,500.  This is a great opportunity to save some money for college.  Although it does require a little bit of work, but the award is even more rewarding.  Scholarship Owl can give students more opportunities at saving money by applying for Savvy Saver Scholarship and other scholarships with one simple application.  Now there is a good way for college students to save even more money just as Offers.com assists consumers to save money when shopping.

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