Scholarship Program for Air Force Spouse, 2013

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The scholarships offered by the Air force association in USA are especially for pursuing the graduate or postgraduate degrees. The scholarship amount and criteria varies and depend upon a number of qualified applicants and available funds. Only those candidates are eligible to apply who are the spouses of Air force officer and must have a 3.5 to 4 CGPA. The candidate must be enrolled in any university for at least 6 credit hours degree program. The scholarship rules and regulations are renewed in Jan, 2013.

Air force scholarship can be taken in USA to pursue a bachelor and graduate degree of your choice offered by different universities. The candidate must be spouse of USA Air force active duty officer to be qualified for the financial aid. The applicants who are themselves the officers of Air force department are not eligible to apply. Original and verified transcript is necessary to attached along with application form.

In case, if you are not able to provide transcript then you can attach a letter of recommendation from your college to confirm, that you are interested in completing your academic career. You can get the letter from university’s registrar or admission office. The program is only opened for the students of USA to apply and win. The program is designed to encourage the spouses to complete and gain the high education degrees.

The scholarship amount is awarded to cover the tuition fee and other educational expenses. Other expenses may include transportation, books, or childcare expenses. The winning amount is not repayable in any case. Air force association is only the funding source for this program. You can apply for it by post or can send e-mail through internet. Try to complete the application before deadline.

Overall, it is good to complete the application with accurate and proper information, Attach all the required documents to win the race of free money. Careful way to apply is the technique to win the award.

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