Scholarship Programs for International Students

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Scholarships are classified based on a number of factors. It is either divided according to the specialization or according to the people who are interested in it. Searching the scholarships under a category is always beneficial as it saves your time and better opportunities can come your way.  In this article we will focus on how to find the right scholarship program that best matches with your qualification as well as the skills.

Scholarships for the graduate students

If you are looking for scholarship programs meant for the graduate students, American University can definitely assist you in the best manner. The overall aim of such programs is to improve the quality of education and make sure that students have a wonderful experience studying here. No matter whichever discipline you specialize in, you are free to apply for the scholarship. With the help of the financial aid you can easily pay your college fee without any stress and also meet other expenses too. Thus, you can enjoy plenty of benefits through this scholarship. The additional programs that are started currently include Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Fellowship.

Scholarships for the undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are also liable to receive scholarships based on their performances. There are many scholarship programs for which no application has to be submitted but a merit list is prepared by the college/organization that offers it and a few names are picked from it.  Thus this process is quite simple but there is a lot of competition as students has an excellent record which distinguishes them from the other people.

American University is dedicated towards helping the students with the merit based scholarships that offer only partial fee of your college. It is a good opportunity as half of your expenses will be handled by the university while the rest can be managed by the student through different sources.

Such types of scholarships are strictly based on the performance and the individual skills rather than the financial status of any student.  Most of the US scholarships offered to the international students vary from $6000 to $30000 depending upon the amount of fund the university has.

How to apply?        

The process to apply for the graduate scholarships depends upon the college in which you enroll. Firstly ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria which are most important.  Secondly get familiar with the process so that there is no confusion at the last moment and you are able to complete the application without any doubt.

When to apply?

The last date of most of the scholarships is usually 1st February, so it is better that the students are aware of the deadline and send their applications accordingly. If the applications do not reach on time, there are chances that it can be cancelled or rejected by the review panel.

Resources to find the scholarships   

The best sources from where you can easily gather information about the US scholarships include International Student Organization, Peterson’s Education Center, The Foundation Center, Fulbright Program, Microsoft Scholarship, Institute of International Education, Phelps Stroke Fund, The National Association of Financial and Administrators etc.

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