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Everyone makes mistakes and most of the time we wish we could do some things over and change the past.  The best thing about mistakes is that we learn from them and making the same mistake is impossible, or is it?  From making a wrong life decision to actually hurting a loved one, many of us wish we could change those insensitive moments and make it better, for the others or for ourselves.  ScholarshipExperts are giving students an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and find ways to do-over an upsetting moment.  ScholarshipExperts are the experts for scholarships since they offer many scholarships that are up to date and available to most of the students.  ScholarshipExperts would like to hear what students would do-over with the Do-Over Scholarship.  One student will receive the $1,500 scholarship for giving the best response.  This scholarship is being offered to students 13 years old or older who are legal residents of the U.S. ad who plan to enroll or are enrolled in a college.  Students are asked to write a 250 words or less response on an event they would do-over.  The annual deadline is on June 30th and it gives students a whole year to apply.  Whether students said something hurtful to hurt someone or made a wrong decision for their future, ScholarshipExperts want to hear what students have to say.  Maybe other students will get to learn from other people’s mistakes.  This is an opportunity for students to fix their mistakes and get awarded for it.


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