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Getting a scholarship is very much difficult to achieve. Most of the times, it is based upon the financial needs of the applicant and the academic record of the applicant. Both these are very essential to describe while getting a scholarship. You need to face a high competition for getting Scholarships by the University of Arkansas. This scholarship plan is only for the students who are taking admission in the fall semester. All those students who are taking admission in the spring semester are not eligible for the scholarship.

All the applicants should apply for the scholarship before deadline. It is usually advised that all the applicants should try to apply for the scholarship as soon as they know its opening date. This will help you to get maximum consideration. While applying for the scholarship, you should be very careful about the attachment of all the documents like letters of recommendations, test scores obtained in SAT or ACT, the academic record of the applicant. You can apply for the scholarship by online means, just visit the website and apply there. For different scholarship programs offered by the same institute, you have to apply separately.

The available options for the international student are Silas Hunt Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, Jack Kent Cooke transfer Scholarship, University Scholarship, Chancellor’s Scholarship, John and Marie scholarship, financial aids and different funds. All the applications are not reviewed at the same time, but they are reviewed after the regular interval of times. After periodic review, the applications are approved by the panel. So if you are the best student with excellent grades and best scores in ACT and SAT test. The panel will encourage such students and definitely select them to provide scholarships.

FIES stands for the Foundation for the International Exchange of Students. This is for all the undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the program. For this scholarship, the best academic performance of the applicant is required. In addition to this, the participation in the campus, activities in the community and the financial need of the candidates are considered to provide scholarship to the students.

Criteria for selection include academic performance at the UofA, participation in campus and/or community service activities, and financial need.

Tuition Advantage Programs

The University of Arkansas is pleased to offer a tuition advantage for qualifying students from selected countries, U.S. regions, or institutions based upon UofA partnership agreements. The Tuition Advantage is a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition and may be renewed if the criteria are met. For estimated expenses of tuition advantage recipients, please read the Tuition Advantage Expense Cost Sheet. We are excited to offer this opportunity to experience the University of Arkansas and its many academic programs of excellence. Over a hundred degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines are offered. Please see the links below for details.

• Bolivian Tuition Advantage
• Caribbean Tuition Advantage
• Non-Resident Tuition Award
• Panama Tuition Advantage
• Rwanda Tuition Advantage

Request an application for admission to the University of Arkansas or apply online. Provide us with all supporting materials, such as your official college transcript and application fee, through our contact address. You will be notified of the Tuition Advantage award upon your admission. We encourage you to apply early!

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