Scholarships for Girls by High School Heisman

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High School Heisman sponsored scholarship programs for eligible students with the cooperation of Wendy’s Restaurants. The scholarship is provided to the students without any sex determination. These scholarships for girls and boys are awarded to the students of High School who have best academic or athletic history.

All the male and female students from the school are required to apply for the scholarship, especially those who are best in their classrooms or having a good relationship with their communities. All those students who are best in the playing fields are also eligible for the scholarship program. Only the senior students are the schools are allowed to apply for the scholarship, most recently the students of year 2012 to 2013.

The least grade that is allowed for the application process is “B” So, all the students having B grade or greater than B grade can apply for the scholarship. Another essential condition that is imposed on the candidates is that, the candidate must be participating in at least one sport. This scholarship is only for the student who is best in academic activities as well as has some athletic experience. The following funding programs are available for different students.

The winners of application.

Every High School senior who is interested in the scholarship program and applies for it receives:

• An official certificate from Wendy’s High School Heisman Program that indicates the participation of the candidate for the scholarship.
• The provided certificate ensures the abilities and capabilities of the students including learning capabilities, leading and performing capabilities.
• The candidates are provided with a chance to win a cash prize worth $10 to $50.
The winners of the school
On the basis of the grades, two students (one male and one female) will be selected from every school. They will be known as the school winners. They will receive
• A Heisman Patch and a School Winner Certificate.

State Finalists.

20 finalists (10 male and 10 females) are selected from each state. These finalists will be passed later on for the further competition. These finalists will receive:

• A Wendy’s gift card worth $25
• A Heisman Patch
• A Bronze Medal

State winners.

From a number of State Finalists, the sponsors of the scholarship will select one male and one female candidate who will be considered to be the winners of the scholarship. These winners will receive:

• A Heisman Patch
• A Silver Medal
• A Wendy’s gift card worth $50

National Finalists.

The panel of scholarship sponsors will select only 12 national finalists from the number of winners of state. In this scholarship program, six different geographical regions are involved. One male and one female candidate are from each geographical region. The national finalists will receive:

• A Heisman patch
• A Gold Medal
• A Wendy’s Gift card worth $100
• A donation of $2,000 is awarded to every selected candidate.

Scholarship winners.

The final scholarship winners will receive the following things:

• A donation of $10,000
• A Wendy’s Gift card worth $500
• A Heisman Patch
• A Wendy’s High School Trophy

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