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There are millions of scholarships available to each and every student.  Whether students are taking general studies or pursuing a certain field of study, there are still several scholarships out there accessible for everyone.  What is even more interesting is that there are scholarships available for specific type of students that were not available before.  Students felt as if they were forgotten because they were underrated or were physically unable to attend college.  There is no reason for those students to feel neglected any more.

Student-specific scholarships are offered exclusively for students that are eligible for that scholarship depending on their eminence and eligibility.  Most popular student-specific scholarships are the minority scholarships which are for the diverse and the underrepresented minority population.  Minority students are those that fall under the categories of being either Hispanic, American Indian, African-American, Asian, LGBT, a woman, or multi-racial individual.  There are over thousands of scholarships offered specifically to minority students that assist students and give them a chance to complete their college education.  Minority students that acquire scholarships will end up feeling as if they belong with the rest of the crowd since they can also have certain qualities of their own and winning scholarships will prove that.

Countless students feel as if they are not worth the scholarship.  They believe that pursuing higher education is a waste of time for them or they simply could not get their chance to finish their education on time due to some unanticipated circumstances.  There are scholarships now being offered to cancer patients or cancer survivors, as well as to students with mental/physical illnesses and disabilities.  Students struggling with such issues believe that they had no future ahead of them.  This is an opportunity that shows them that it is never too late to get their college degree.  Students can get a chance at some assistance towards pursuing higher education.  Students such as those with illnesses and disabilities were able to find jobs even before college and there is no reason for them to miss out on education towards pursuing their career.  These scholarships offer students financial assistance while some scholarships get to award those students with special accommodations that they do not have but need in order to get further in life.  A perfect example of that is of students who are disabled and cannot walk that they in return get a wheelchair to help them get around.  This proves to show that really anyone can get their chance at anything.

Other student-specific scholarships include scholarships for foster children, firefighters, military servicemen and their dependents, boy scouts/girl scouts, athletes, as well as single moms/dads.  Single moms and dads also get a chance to complete their education with scholarships specifically being offered to single parents.  Even students that have lost one or both of their parents caused by death can get scholarships.  Yet, students with a particular passion can get scholarships made specifically for those interests such as an art scholarship or a dance scholarship as well as many more.

Faith-based scholarships are offered to students practicing a specific type of religion and that identify themselves as Hindu, Christian, Catholic, etc.  Although being a member of a religious institution is a must in most cases, it does not necessarily mean that students have to be members of a church or an organization since some private organizations and businesses offer faith-based scholarships.  Even different cultures get their chance at scholarships whether they qualify as an Italian or Israeli-American, there are still scholarships being offered specifically to them.

The latest and newest scholarships being offered to students are those for home-schooled children.  Most scholarships are for students planning to attend or are currently enrolled at an educational institution.  Home-schooled children did not get that chance before.  Some scholarships have included home-schooled children in their eligibility criterion.  Fortunately, there are many home-schooled children scholarships offered today to students getting their education at home.  Since schooling has become expensive and even worrisome due to the fact that bullying is becoming a daily habit, parents are starting to choose to home-school their children instead.   Even that can be pricey, however scholarships are there to help those students as well.

Even the non-traditional students get their chance.  Non-traditional students are adult students who had an interrupted education and are returning to get their college education completed or are in need of some job training courses required for their work.  As mentioned earlier, students that became a parent while studying had to experience interruptions in order to be stay at home moms and dads in order to raise the little ones.  Raising children and attending school at the same time makes working impossible and in return those students are suffering financially.  These scholarships will help them get back on their feet and get a college degree while raising children at the same time.

Student-specific scholarships are usually being judged based on merit or financial need.  Students that could not get their chance at a scholarship earlier are being offered numerous scholarships today.  These students used to feel like they were not worth it or like they could not be like other children.  Today, these scholarships make them feel special because everyone deserves their chance at a better future.

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