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SES Advisors Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

A Scholarship Opportunity from SES Advisors is an essay-based scholarship that gives students an opportunity to get $1,000 towards their schooling.  This is a great opportunity for students to show just how well they know the way businesses work and if they know anything about employee benefits, financing, or accounting.  Simultaneously, pursuing a field such as financing or accounting opens up new windows of opportunities since they are still in the developing phase and in need of new people.  Students might have some knowledge but with this experience they might find some essential information and get new ideas for the future.  Eventually, students get an opportunity to learn something new and be ready to enter fields similar to those.  SES Advisors is offering a scholarship to students towards their college education and with the recent recession it just might solve someone’s financial problems.  Seniors in high school, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in college are welcome to apply.  Applicants should write an essay up to 500 words and make their essay stand out in order to qualify for $1,000 towards their college education.  This may not be for everyone, but it is for students who have great ideas to share and wish to teach others new concepts on making a business more successful.  Students should share their ideas and others just might learn something new from them.  Going to college opens up new opportunities for the future generation and we need people who show commitment towards a better future.  The deadline is usually in mid-May and students have an exceptional amount of time to apply for this life changing experience.

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