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The time has come for one student to shine!!!  Eve’s Addiction is an online jewelry retailer that offers exquisite sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewelry.  They make customized and personalized jewelry with the highest quality to fulfil every customer’s needs.  Not only do they offer jewelry that shines, but they also offer a $1,000 scholarship to one student that sparkles.  Instead of constantly focusing on the jewellery Eve’s Addiction wants to focus on the future generation.  Eve’s Addiction has launched their scholarship in 2013 and has stayed honest to future generations by giving them a future prospect.  They are offering the Eve’s Addiction Shine Bright Scholarship to a student that stands out from the rest.  Students get a chance at a $1,000 scholarship for submitting the best essay with the most sparkle.  Students are only required to submit the essay of 500 words or more.  Students that are a senior in high school or are attending an undergraduate or graduate degree program may come and apply.  Just imagine holding a college degree and making friends and family proud.  Applying for a scholarship is definitely worth it.  It is worth all the hours that students stayed up late to study and every dollar that they spent to get there.  Now is their chance to get support with their college expenses.  Students will see that the hard work pays off in the end.  The Eve’s Addiction Shine Bright Scholarship is offered twice a year by awarding one student each semester.  Eve’s Addiction wants to focus on helping students reach their dreams.  The deadline for spring is on December 15th and for fall is August 15th of each year.

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