Signs of Scholarship Scams, 2013

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One of the most wonderful things is that there are thousands of scholarship programs to support your college expenses but the bad news is that there are many shady financial aid offers that are designed to waste your time and money and to take your money right, not to help you. Here are some common signs to judge that scholarship program is legitimate or not.

You need attention to apply, if a scholarship organization requires you to pay application submission charges. A company may collects minor fees from thousands applicants and awards a single scholarship after putting great profit in its pocket. You may ask to buy something to get benefits from financial aid packages. Organization may advertise that you need to attend a free seminar to receive a scholarship. These seminars are conduct to get you into expensive consulting services, think and avoid these offers.

Congratulations, “you have won the scholarship”, sounds excellent but not true if you did not apply for that program. No one can provide you money without efforts by knocking up your door. You need to search a real or generous soul who can provide you dollars without trying to sell something, steal your personal data, or hijack your system. Check the aim of donor before applying for the plan to protect from scams.

Every legitimate financial aid program is based on competition, if someone claimed “Guaranteed” scholarship, avoid it. The reality is that few people can win the award among a lot of applicants. Any promise of receiving guarantees scholarship is lying. The company may want your credit card detail, if application form needs credit card information to be complete, just close the link and something else that can protect your time and cash. There is no reason why the organization needs your credit card.

Enter your bank account details to complete application form, um, never ever, don’t do this. A legitimate website will pay to your college or send a check directly. A red flag or clear sign is if some claim to do all the work from submission to receiving the money. Always, doing a proper and random search to find out safe and reputable organization which provides you valuable scholarship services.

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