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What are small scholarships all about?

Not every student is a straight A student. Not every student is a top athlete. In a perfect world all students would be eligible for those huge $10,000 or full scholarships, but the reality is simply that we do not live in a perfect world and that most students have to find a different way to scrape together their college tuition and money to live on. We all know that a part time job won’t get you there and in this day and age it’s not always possible for our parents to help out either. Introducing: small scholarships. Mostly small scholarships are scholarships that start with amounts as little as $100 (yeah, new books!) to sums as large as $2000 (how many months rent does that cover for you?). The beauty of these small scholarships is that a lot of students find them less attractive to apply for, so there is less competition to get them. Hooray for you!

What kinds of small scholarships are out there for you?

There are even small scholarships that you can apply for every single week. And the more often you apply, the bigger your chance becomes to win. Another bonus of these small scholarships is a lot of them are no essay applications, thus saving you a ton of time and effort trying to get some money together in order to continue your studies. Let’s face it, that is where you should be putting your focus anyway, not scholarship application essay writing. gives out $1,000 scholarships weekly if you provide the most creative answer in three sentences or less to the Three Sentence Essay Scholarship question. ScholarshipPoints give you the opportunity to win money for doing all sorts of fun stuff online. You don’t even notice you are trying to apply, but be careful here not to get sucked in and waste your valuable time earning points. Folks, even Dunkin Donuts is giving out small scholarships (bet you didn’t see that one coming!). Have a look on their website to see if you are eligible. And those are just a few examples of the outrageous amount of small scholarships that are actually out there for you to apply for.

DD Small Scholarships

So what to do?

Confused on how to find these small scholarships? Don’t be. The Internet is full of information. All you need to do is open Google and search for small scholarships and you will get lists and list of opportunities to apply. You can also look outside the internet in your local community or your high school/college. Make sure to keep a clear overview of the small scholarships you applied for and the dates you applied, so you don’t do double work and you’ll be able to see when it is time to apply again (for the weekly and monthly options). An Excel spreadsheet will be very useful in this case. And even though they are small applications and small amounts of money, make sure to be serious and put an effort into your application. Every chance to get help funding your studies is a chance worth grabbing. After all, we want to see you graduate debt free!

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