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SoftwareProviders.com Scholarship

by daniel

SoftwareProviders.com believes that education is the most important facet when it comes to building a future career.  They believe that students deserve their chance at higher education even when it comes to dealing with the difficulty of paying for tuition.  SoftwareProviders are proudly offering four $1,000 scholarships a year to help students achieve their dream of getting a college degree.  SoftwareProviders.com has been the place to get the resources to finding the right software that meets everyone’s needs.  This time they want to help students with their needs.  Students are now given a chance to focus all their time on their studies and less on ways to pay for their schooling.  This scholarship competition is being offered four times a year with the deadlines on January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th.  Best of all, it is an ongoing competition and the next competition opens the day after the previous deadline passes.  With that being said, students can apply any time and again for the next scholarship competition if they did not get their chance the first time.  Applicants are required to be enrolled in college or a university and to be U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents.  Students are asked to submit an essay of 600 to 800 words on the topic given.  Each quarter will be having a different topic for students to focus on.  This scholarship competition will be offered to students on an annual basis.  Best of all, the winning essays will be posted on SoftwareProvider’s blog.

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