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If it wasn’t for all the media that is available out there for everyone, nobody would know about anything new and would miss out on more than that is imaginable.  Marketing serves as a way to introduce people to a new product or service in order to assist them in a way to do business or perhaps make things easier for whatever it is that individuals or their business might need.  That is where a good marketer comes in.  They assist business commercialize their ads, get their name out there, and help individuals find what they are looking for.  SoundOut Social Media Management assists smaller business get noticed by helping them with their social media.  SoundOut would also like to help students get noticed and to further their knowledge by offering them a $1,000 SoundOut Social Media Scholarship to help them towards their college education.  They are asking students to do what SoundOut does best.  There will be two winners that best develop their best social media campaign.  Students are asked to write an essay of 1,000 to 2,000 words on their social media campaign.  High school seniors and all students that are currently attending a post-secondary institution are welcome to apply.  Students must hold a valid student visa or be a U.S. or Canadian citizen.  Students have until January 15th to submit their work.  This opportunity can helps students further their knowledge on social media and perhaps it might get some ready to do that as a career in the future while also enjoying a less-expensive education.

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