Special Scholarships for Mentally Challenged Students

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Mental disorders are a crucial problem faced by a number of kids as well as the young people. Making them self confident is very difficult as they go through a number of challenges that force them to stay behind the four walls of their home and disconnect with the people as well. But the non profit organizations, charitable trusts and the private donors have come up with plenty of scholarship programs that are offered to the students suffering from any kind of mental disorder.

It is a way to make them feel self reliant so that they can move ahead in life and overcome all the challenges that have been facing. This is the main motive and that is why many people are contributing towards such programs and render the best help to the required students.

Which scholarships are meant for the students suffering from mental disorders?

With so many people coming forward to help the others, there are several scholarship programs that can be availed by the deserving students. One of the highly popular scholarships that are doing great work is the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship which usually offers an amount of $1000 to $5000 to the people who are suffering from this problem. But one has to produce a document in support of their mental disorder that they are suffering from. With the help of this amount, the parents can accomplish their basic requirements and send them to a good school or college to complete their studies.

The next type of scholarship for which you can apply is the Bipolar Lives Scholarship. In order to get this scholarship, you must be pursuing your graduation studies and must be fluent in writing small essays and express your thoughts in the best way. An amount of $750 is given to the eligible candidates who are found with the bipolar disorder and have met the eligibility criteria as well.

Thus you can say that there are lots of scholarship programs that you can explore but choosing the right one is very necessary. Do not hurry but take time in going through the various scholarships in order to take the right decision.

Along with the application, you also have to send the proof of your mental disorder or else you will not be shortlisted. The application which is complete and supported with all the documents will be considered ideal for the short listing process thus opening better opportunities before you.

Tips to remember

While applying for the above scholarships, keep the following tips in mind

• Look for genuine sources to know more about the scholarships that are meant for the students with mental disorders. Nowadays scams are very popular and there are many people who have become a victim of the same.

• Be careful and read the instructions present on the application in order to send the duly filled application form.

• Ensure the eligibility criteria in advance and other important things that have to be kept in mind.

• Apply to multiple scholarships so that you are selected for at least one of them and your time is also saved.

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