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Student of the Month Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

Great students get special recognition by either being selected as Students of the Month or perhaps get awarded with money for their hard work and good grades.  They serve as a good example and as motivators and inspirations to other students.  It makes others want to be as good and would want to have their picture on the plaque or perhaps on the website for the whole world to see.  Not only do schools choose a student to be the Student of the Month with their picture being displayed on the Wall of Fame at the school, but there are other ways for students to get recognized, such as scholarships.  Speaking of schools, students should focus on having above average grades and perhaps even get recognized to get awarded scholarships for their hard work towards their future college years.  Degreed.com would like to help students get both.  Degreed.com gives tools and resources to help others learn more about education and the learning process.  Student of the Month Scholarship is a monthly competition that chooses a winning student every month. They would like to find those special students and award them with a spot on their site as well as with a $1,000 scholarship.  High school students that are legal residents of the United States may come and apply for their chance at some money towards their college education.  Students must be enrolled in a high school to apply.  Students are asked to complete the short application and submit an essay on the topic given.  Luckily, there is no word limit, so applicants are able to express their feelings in any length.

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