SuperCollege One Year Free Tuition Scholarship – up to $20,000

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Being awarded a $500 scholarship is big enough of a reward, but being given a full tuition is beyond unimaginable for many.  Whether it is for one year or for all college years, students can sure be worry-free for some time.  Luckily, there are many scholarships like that out there for students to apply to and hopefully get their chance at some scholarship money.  SuperCollege is giving one student a chance to get one year of free tuition.  At SuperCollege, students and parents can find all information on getting through college and seek great advice on what to do after graduation.  SuperCollege is offering a scholarship of full year of tuition free to the first place winner worth up to $20,000 and runners-up get a $250 scholarship.  SuperCollege is partnering with Zinch for this scholarship opportunity by giving students a chance at some free money towards their college education.  In order for students to get their chance at free tuition, they will only be required to submit a short online application without having to submit any grades or essays.  High school students and college freshmen can only apply in hopes to get the funds.  This scholarship is being offered four times a year with deadlines usually in January, April, July, and October.  With that being said, that means four students will get their chance at free tuition for one year.  It is a great opportunity for those that wish to have all of their focus on their studies and less worries on paying for their college education.

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